Cool - Cool Object Orientated Library

What is the meaning of the name Cool?

You read the name of the plain PHP5 branch as Cool Object Orientated Library.

You read the name of the TYPO3 extension branch as COOrdinated Library.

How is Cool related to TYPO3?

There is a controller extension for the web CMS TYPO3, which is developed by the Extension Coordination Team of TYPO3.

There is this branch on Sourceforge with the target, to implement the principles of the TYPO3 extension framework independent in plain PHP5.

What kind of controller library is it?

The controller library of Cool will support Model View Controller (MVC) architecture as well as Presentation Abstration Controll (PAC) architecture. We define PAC as a kind of Hierachical Model View Controller (HMVC) architecture, an architecture used by many libraries today, that define themself as MVC architecture. Also the TypoScript object tree, can be regarded as a kind of PAC.

Why 2 branches?

Some ideas can be tested more easily outside the TYPO3 framework and implemented in a second step. In this way the plain PHP5 branch of Cool is a research and development platform for the TYPO3 extension.

Programmers will be able, to use the same experience with the controller architecture of Cool inside and outside TYPO3.

Couldn't the 2 branches be melted into one?

There is nothing planned in this direction. Yet it may become an interesting option for the future, to have one branch, that can be used within and without TYPO3.

Maybe it will be more simple to build the version for TYPO3 v5 upon the plain PHP5 branch, because TYPO3 v4 extensions still have some idiosyncrasies.

Cool tools

Apart from the controller library, there will be tools to support the development process. The tool Cool PHPUnit Test Runner is the first software package published by the Cool project on SF.

test selection view

Selection of a test file from the dropdown menu.

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